The power of feedback used responsibly


Honesty and integrity are most important when leaving feedback and are a cornerstone at Trustologist. The feedback you leave to others is ultimately your responsibility. If you choose to disclose your name next to feedback you leave, it will be public information, searchable by search engines and will be a permanent part of the information on the World Wide Web accessible by anyone.

You should be aware that it is illegal to publically leave false or misleading statements that harm the reputation of an individual, business, product, group, government, religion, or nation. Prior to leaving any feedback especially negative one, ensure that it is true and does not disclose any contractual details. You should also review the worldwide laws of defamation.

"Defamation" is a catch-all term for any statement that hurts someone's reputation. Written defamation is called "libel," and spoken defamation is called "slander." Defamation is not a crime, but it is a "tort" (a civil wrong, rather than a criminal wrong). A person who has been defamed can sue the person who did the defaming. For more details visit nolo.

You are responsible for any comments left on the Trustologist website, so ensure that you do the right thing and express truthfulness and honesty in your feedback.

Best Practices for leaving feedback:

Positive feedback and comments are better than negative ones.

Start with the positive aspects and compliments and then insert some aspects for improvement. This technique is called feedback sandwich. Read more about here.

The purpose of feedback is to help people and companies be "better" - Use this as your guide.

Don't lie or insert any false information.

Don't disclose any details are too personal, containing private information, or identifiable information such as address or emails.

Don't disclose any specific information about contracts or agreements.

Be honest and remember why you are leaving feedback for this person or company. Whatever you write will be part of the person or company's record on the internet.

Finally, remember that strong people forgive and weak people revenge.