The power of feedback used responsibly

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How Trustologist got started?

Ever wanted to just let the world know that you really like and appreciate someone who helped you or came through all the time or had a terrible experience with a business and felt helpless. We all share those experiences - Trustologist was born out of necessity to do just that.

I once contracted a company with a supposed good reputation to change our roof. Would you believe that the project that was supposed to take a couple of weeks to complete lasted nearly 6 months with unending surprises and unprofessionalism. Even after I thought it was all over, the roof leaked after a rain storm 3 months later. I was tearing my hair out - I didn't even want a refund - I just wanted and apology and let the world know that this was a bad business and share my experience. A friend came to my rescue and fixed the problems that company could not do in six months in a weekend - again, I wanted to thank that person publically in appreciation.

There isn't really any one place where a person can leave feedback like this today aside from random forums and social networks that really don't provide that ability. So, we figured that almost everyone share some experiences like these and decided to do our own and Trustologist was born.

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